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Positron 3D Printed Parts Kit

Positron 3D Printed Parts Kit

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The 3D printed parts kit contains some of the printed parts needed to construct the Positron V3 printed in high-strength micro carbon fiber filled Nylon.

In particular the kit includes:

  • Toolhead interconnect
  • Belt and Connector Holder
  • Edge Raised Clamp & Mirror
  • End Holder Block
  • EXP Connector Holder
  • Extruder Base
  • Extruder Cap
  • Extruder Mid Body
  • Light Clamp Holder
  • Pulley Holder Top
  • Screen Holder Base & Lid
  • Side Panel Left & Right
  • Thumbscrew Body
  • Top Panel Spacers
  • Z-axis Stopper
  • NEMA14 Mounting Point

Note these parts come fresh off the printers, so you may need to remove some burrs and/or support material, which helps keep everything solid during transit.

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This includes all printed pieces published by Kralyn 3D required for the Positron 3D Printer!


Micro carbon fiber filled Nylon is tough and wear resistant, it should last as long as any other components on your printer. These parts come fresh off the printer, so we recommend having a pair of flush cutters on hand to trim any excess plastic and remove the majority of the support material.

Found support material stuck in a place too small for the clippers? Try a small screwdriver or soldering iron to loosen up and push the piece clear!


Typically ships within 1-3 business days from the Continental US. Tracking for your shipment is provided upon successful processing of your order.